Disability access at HanseMesse and StadtHalle Rostock

Accessibility is a priority at the HanseMesse and StadtHalle Rostock. Be it as an organiser of the annual autumn sports festival in the StadtHalle or as a long-standing partner of VitaAktiMed health fair in the HanseMesse, our members and friends will enjoy ideal conditions in both event venues. People with a disability can spend fun and relaxing hours at concerts, family shows and fairs.  



Jürgen Becher
President - Association for Disability and Rehabilitation Sports Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


There are enough disabled parking spaces available for our guests. These are at ground level and situated close to the entrances of the HanseMesse and StadtHalle.

Entrance and access

The exhibition centre is designed with easy access for our disabled visitors. The HanseMesse, which is at ground level, has no threshold in the entranceway, and, in the rotunda, a lift is available to provide easy access through the halls in the upper levels.

The StadtHalle Rostock is equally accessible for disabled visitors. Hall 1 is accessible at ground level. Other halls are accessible by lift; in this case we ask that you please arrive early for your event.


All disabled toilets are spacious and barrier-free.

The disabled toilet in the HanseMesse is located in our foyer, near Entrance 1.

At the StadtHalle Rostock, you will find disabled toilets located in the front of Hall 1 and in the foyer of Hall 2.

Ticket shop and seating

Our ticket shop in the StadtHalle Rostock can be reached easily with the help of a stair lift. Handicapped visitors are offered exclusive seating, depending on the respective seating arrangement. During standing concerts, a special platform is installed for wheelchair users and their escorts, which also guarantees an excellent view of the event.

Ticket Shop StadtHalle Rostock

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Disability access