Next date: 14th to 16th of november 2021

Recipe for Success





Everyone who plans to invest in hospitality or gastronomy is searching for efficient, energy-saving and future-oriented solutions. Cooling, heating, cooking, serving, cleaning, air-conditioning, controlling and administration are only some examples of the challenges that must be met. With an optimised organisation, your personnel is better able to focus on the needs and wishes of your guests.

Present your products and services in our modern and inspiring atmosphere. Use the high standards of this top tourism region to become a well-known business partner.

Range of Exhibits

  • Waste disposal, packaging
  • Controlling, communication and CRM systems
  • Bakery and pastry shop supplies
  • Vocational training, continuing education
  • Furnishings, equipment, decoration
  • Event service
  • Crockery, cutlery
  • Beverages, beverage technology
  • Cooling technology
  • Media, marketing, print
  • Food, frozen food
  • Cleaning
  • Food distribution systems
  • Dishwashing and laundry equipment
  • Technology, environment, energy
  • Organisations, associations, publishers
  • Vending machines


Kuno Wegner
project manager

tel.: +49 381 44 00 606
fax: +49 381 44 00 666

Bärbel Grawe
project assistant

tel.: +49 381 44 00 607
fax: +49 381 44 00 666