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Public directory of procedures

Public directory of procedures (§ 4g Abs.2 BDSG)

The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) stipulates in Section 4§ (2) sentence 2 that the data protection officer must make the following information available to everyone in a suitable manner in accordance with Section 4e sentence 1 no.1 bis:

  • Name of the responsible body:
    inRostock GmbH
  • Manager:
    Mrs Petra Burmeister
  • Commissioned head of data processing:
    Mr Mario Sobczak
  • Address of the responsible body:
    Südring 90, D-18059 Rostock
  • Purpose of data collection, processing or use:
    The object of the company is the operation of the StadtHalle Rostock that has been transferred to it. The company has the task of providing the Rostock region with cultural and sporting events, congresses and the like on its own responsibility or as a service for third parties.
    The object of the company continues to be the operation and marketing of the exhibition grounds, the implementation of trade fairs and congresses and other events including their development and acquisition as well as the implementation of its own events. It is entitled to conduct and enter into all necessary and associated business.
    Video surveillance is used to collect evidence in the event of vandalism, burglary or other criminal offenses.

Description of the affected groups of people and the related data or data categories:
Customer, employee, agency operator, damage, supplier and other service provider data, insofar as these are necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose mentioned under 5. These are the data or data categories essentially listed below:

    • Customers / tenants (address data, contact details (including telephone, fax and e-mail data), contract data, support information including customer development, statistical data, billing and performance data, credit card number)
    • Agencies (address, business and contract data, contact information)
    • Interested parties / non-customers (address data, areas of interest, offer data)
    • Employees, applicants, trainees, interns, retirees, former employees and dependents (mainly application data, information on professional career, training and qualifications, possibly criminal record); Contract, master and accounting data (information on private and business address, area of ​​activity, salary payments, name and age of relatives as far as relevant for social benefits, income tax data, bank details, assets entrusted to the employee); Contact information; Employee status; Qualifications; Employee reviews; Professional background; Data for personnel administration and control; Working time recording data and access control data; Appointment management data; Data for communication and for the processing and control of transactions and technical systems; Emergency contact details for persons selected by the employee who should be contacted in the event of an emergency;
    • Service provider (address data; contact details; bank details, contract data; appointment management data; billing and performance data
    • Non-assignable group of people: video recordings

Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data will be communicated:
Public bodies that receive data on the basis of legal regulations (e.g. social security agencies, tax authorities);
Internal departments that are involved in the execution of the respective business processes (e.g. personnel administration, bookkeeping / accounting, marketing);
External contractors (e.g. contract processing, web hosting, ISP), according to § 11 BDSG

Standard deadlines for the deletion of data
The legislature has issued a wide range of retention obligations and periods. After these deadlines have expired, the relevant data is routinely deleted. If data is not affected by this, it will be deleted when the purposes mentioned under 5 no longer apply.

Planned data transfer to third countries

A transfer of data to third countries is not planned.

You are welcome to address any questions regarding the processing of your personal data directly to our data protection officer:

inRostock GmbH
Data protection officer
Südring 90
18059 Rostock