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General information on purchasing admission tickets in advance ticket sales at inRostock GmbH Messen, Kongresse & Events

Contractual relationship
With the purchase of admission tickets, a contract is concluded between the respective organizer and the ticket purchaser. The respective organizer is responsible for the implementation of the event.
The advance booking office of inRostock GmbH Messen, Kongresse & Events, hereinafter referred to as inRostock GmbH, only arranges the purchase of tickets in the name and for the account of the respective organizer. It sells the tickets on behalf of the organizer as a ticket broker and issues them to the ticket buyer. The services of inRostock GmbH as a ticket sales point do not represent an organizer’s service. The contract for the purchase of the admission tickets by the visitor is concluded exclusively between the organizer and the ticket purchaser for the attendance of the event (visitor contract).
In its position as ticket broker, inRostock GmbH provides the following general information on the purchase of admission tickets as a precaution. With the purchase of admission tickets, the house rules of inRostock GmbH are recognized.

Prices and Fees
When purchasing tickets, a pre-sale fee is charged, the amount of which is determined by the organizer. The additional system fees incurred for processing via third-party card systems to be borne by the ticket purchaser are included in the ticket price.

Return / loss of admission tickets
The exchange, redemption or cash payment of admission tickets are not permitted. In the event of loss by the customer, no replacement can be provided.

Postponement / cancellation of events
Information on alternative dates and ticket returns are published on the organiser’s website and / or at in accordance with the requirements of the organizer for the respective event. In the event of a postponement due to a pandemic or cancellation of the event, the currently valid regulations apply.

Tickets are reserved for three calendar days, unless the event organizer offers a different arrangement. After the reservation period has expired, the right to purchase the tickets expires. Advance ticket orders for the box office cannot be accepted. For events that are not sold out, the regular box office usually opens one hour before the start of the event. Remaining tickets can be purchased here.

Payment and shipping
The customer can choose the method of payment and shipping within the scope of the options offered. InRostock GmbH dispatches the admission tickets to the ticket purchaser after receipt of payment of the full ticket price plus shipping costs. Additional ticket insurance is possible. InRostock GmbH reserves ownership of the ticket on behalf of the organizer until the ticket price has been paid in full.

Vouchers purchased at the advance booking office of inRostock GmbH are vouchers that can be redeemed for an event in the HanseMesse or StadtHalle Rostock within three years. Partial redemption is possible, the remaining amount can be redeemed within the validity period of the voucher. A cash payment or a payment of the remaining amount is not possible.

Notes on safety
Visitors / spectators have to take the seat indicated on the ticket for the respective event. The ticket loses its validity when leaving the venue.
Security check for certain event formats:
Bringing bags, rucksacks and similar containers into the HanseMesse and StadtHalle Rostock that are larger than DIN A4 format is not permitted. Visitors should limit themselves to taking necessary items with them.
Small bags, carried containers and cloakroom can be checked for their contents and the securing of objects that could endanger the event or visitors can be requested.
Body checks may also be carried out at the entrance to the event.
Taking cloakrooms with you can be prohibited. We generally recommend that our guests refrain from bringing their cloakroom into the event rooms. A cloakroom service is available for the handover of jackets and coats as well as items at local rates.
On the website of the organizer and inRostock GmbH Trade Fairs, Congresses & Events, the customer / visitor can obtain further up-to-date information. The house rules of inRostock GmbH Fairs, Congresses & Events are available for download.

Rostock, December 2020