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International exhibition Rostock

The largest dog show and shopping paradise for dog owners in northern Germany

01.10.2022 - 02.10.2022
daily 09:00 - 17:00
inRostock GmbH

The RasseHundeAusstellung in Rostock has become one of the most important events for dog-lovers in Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Every year Rostock is the destination for thousands of dog owners who are interested in learning more about them, talking to like-minded dog owners and demonstrating the skills of their four-legged friends.

At a glance
·         great shopping offers at reasonable prices from over 60 exhibitors
·         400 square metres show arena with a spectacular and varied programme
·         around 2,000 dogs from over 250 breeds – at just one weekend
·         20 evaluation rings for the pedigree dogs
·         18,112 interested visitors in 2021
·         associations of the different breeds introduce themselves and give advice on keeping, care and special characteristics
·         regional providers of dog-related services

Is your dog the prettiest?
Then simply sign in for the next exhibition! You can find more information and the registration form at “Dog exhibitors”.

Pricing and tickets

Don't forget your dog vaccination certificate!

Every dog ​​must have been vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before the event. For their own protection, puppies up to three months old are not allowed to enter the fair.

Vorverkaufskasse StadtHalle Rostock

Tageskarte Erwachseneink. MwSt.
TIPP: 2-Tages-Ticket ErwachseneVAT included
Tageskarte Kinder 6 bis 12 JahrenVAT included
Tageskarte ermäßigt (Senioren ab dem 65. Lebensjahr, Rostocker Ehrenamts-Card oder mit dem Facebook-Gutschein)VAT included
Tageskarte Familie - 2 Erwachse & 2 KinderVAT included
Tageskarte Besucherhund* (nur mit gültigem Impfpass)VAT included
Nachmittagskarte Erwachsene ab 15 Uhrinkl. MwSt.
Nachmittagskarte Kinder 6 bis 12 Jahren ab 15 Uhrinkl. MwSt.
4,00 €

Importent informations:

  • Facebook-coupon: Reduced ticket by showing the printed facebook-coupon or showing the mobile version on the smartphone. Here you can find the coupon soon
  • * 1,00 € of the entrance fee will be donated.
  • Please don´t forget a valid dog’s vaccination card. No entry for dogs younger than 3 months!

You can buy tickets in advance from eventim here. This is also possible without any fees at our advance ticket office in the StadtHalle Rostock

Which breed on which day?




FCI group 1
Sheepdogs and Cattledogs
FCI group 2
Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs
u.a. Shepherd Dogs| Border Collies | Australian Kelpie | Malinois | Schipperke | Welsh Corgie | Collie Smooth | Collie Rough | Polski Owczarek | Komondor | Kuvasz | Mudi, Puli, Pumi… u.a. Pinscher | Doberman | Schnauzer | Argentine Mastiff | Shar Pei | Great Dane | Boxers | Rottweilers | Bulldogs | Bullmastiff | Hovawart | Leonberger | St. Bernard | Mountain Dogs
FCI group 3
FCI group 4
i.a. Airdaile- | Border- | Fox- | Welsh- | Irish- | Kerry Blue- | Australien- | Jack Russell- | Skye- | West Highland White- | Bull- | Miniature Bull- | Staffordshire Bull- | English Toy- und Yorkshire Terrier… u.a. Standard Dachshund | Miniature Dachshunds and Rabbit Dachshunds –
each long-haired, smooth-haired and wire-haired
FCI group 5
Spitz and primitive types
FCI group 6
Scent hounds and related breeds
i.a. Greenland Dog | Alaskan Malamute | Norwegian Elkhound | Icelandic Dog | Pointed | chow chow | Eurasian | American Akita | Shiba | Pharaoh Hound | Xoloitzcuintle | Basenji | Podenco… u.a. Bloodhound | English Foxhound | Polish Hound | Griffons | Beagles | Harrier | Basset Hound | Dalmatians | Rhodesian Ridgeback | Bavarian Mountain Hound
FCI group 8
Retrievers – Flushing Dogs – Water Dogs
FCI group  7
Pointing Dogs
u.a. Golden Retrievers | Labrador Retrievers | Flat Coated Retriever | German Spaniel | Cocker Spaniel | Springer Spaniel | Lagotto Romagnolo | barbet | Spanish Water Dog,… u.a. German Wirehaired Pointer | German Shorthaired Pointer | Poodle Pointer | Weimaraner | Small Munsterlander | English Setter | Irish Red Setter | Gordon Setters | Old Danish Pointer
FCI group 10
FCI group 9
Companion and Toy Dogs
u.a. Saluki | Borzoi | Afghan, Polish and Spanish Greyhound | Greyhound | Whippet | Italian Greyhound | Azawakh | Sloughi | Irish Wolfhound | Deerhound… u.a. Bichons | Lowchen | Poodle | Chinese Crested Dog | Lhasa Apso | Chihuahua | Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Pekingese | Russian Toy | Pug | French bulldog | Boston Terriers | Maltese | Griffons | Shih Tzu


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Approach With our arrival service!



Zur HanseMesse 1-2, 18106 Rostock


Coming from Berlin via A19, B105, Warnowtunnel (toll), first exit HanseMesse, follow the parking guidance system HanseMesse. Coming from Hamburg via the A20 and west feeder (B103), follow the HanseMesse parking guidance system. (There are 1,332 parking spaces available at HanseMesse)


From Scandinavia from the overseas port via the B105, Warnowtunnel (toll), first exit "HanseMesse", follow the parking guidance system HanseMesse.


From Rostock main station with the S-Bahn (direction Warnemünde) to Lütten Klein station (approx. 5 min).


The HanseMesse is designed barrier free to be accessible for disabled people without any problems and also offers many other services for wheelchair users.